Be Not Anxious

The Journey

Partner's In Believing

You may join/subscribe with a group of “Partners in Believing, Thinking Into Possibilities. We will meet  monthly online. Each two weeks we use The Prosperity Bible or other readings essential to building abundance. These are reviewed in the meetings. You will have access to a private Facebook page for supporting each other. In addition there will be a private blog and the opportunity to send questions to Lucy between meetings. Each group is limited to 10 members. The live sessions are private, intense and allow you to be encouraged, supported and advised by others who are Dreaming with Intention.

The Journey

One of the best ways to think about our lives is as a series of Journeys into possibilities that are ours for the claiming. Sometimes the Journey feels like more of a struggle than a pleasure trip! These are the times that we are being called to modify the path, course correct or find a completely new road. The Journey is a 7-week one on one coaching experience with Lucy. The first session is 2 hours of exploration and goal setting for creating an experience just for you. This is followed by 6-weeks of one-hour sessions to dive more deeply into assigned tasks for personal transformation. Each individual develops an arsenal of skills and techniques as well as rituals that allow for an expansion of consciousness, self-confidence and the creation of a life of financial, emotional and spiritual freedom.

Money On Tap

A live,1.5 hour, 7-week teleseminar in which you learn to identify and overcome your personal barriers to earning, using and keeping money with Intention. This seminar uses Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help you to not only identify your underlying limiting beliefs about money but to release the emotional ties to those beliefs so that you can be okay with all things to do with money!