Create the Life You Love to Live

"The Journey"

by Lucy Shaw

“Sometimes it just feels like life isn’t working! For successful women, this leeching of personal confidence, satisfaction, earning power or even feeling like a hypocrite can just sneak up on them. It remains below the surface until she gets overwhelmingly plagued with fatigue, lack of interest, sometimes resentment and even shame because it feels like a loss of personal power. My clients show up when the pain of feeling “stuck” while trying to maintain the appearance of success gets to be too much. The very title of my company is to establish the subliminal message that life can and does, in fact, work… with good Partners in Believing.

Perhaps it is not enough to be able to articulate the dream. Frequently, we just need a guide, a cheerleader, an encourager and someone who genuinely trusts and helps hold sacred our capacity to succeed. We may also need someone to help in creating the steps and holding us accountable for taking them and knowing when to modify the path.”

Lucy Shaw shows high achieving professional women, struggling to enlarge their influence, focus their impact and increase their income, how to find what they truly love, be what they are really good at, do what builds their spirit and get paid big enough to pay it all forward!

“A partner in believing (PIB) is what I get to be for every woman I have the privilege of working with. My work is to help you restore belief in your own credibility and restore or enlarge clarity about what matters to you and how to have it!”

Is your Greatest Gift still in You?